Advance Notice for The 7th Shanghai Forum on Lifelong Education


In China’s Education Modernization 2035a blue print issued by the State Council at the beginning of this year for the country’s education development in the coming decade or so, eight visions were outlined to drive the modernization of China’s education by focusing on such goals as all-round development for all,lifelong learning, integrated development, and joint contribution to and shared benefits of educational resources. The course of the lifelong education in Shanghai has long been committed to each citizen’s comprehensive and individualized growth, serving both personal accomplishment and the sustainable development of the city.

In order to communicate the latest practice and research in lifelong education,identify the pressing challenges from the global perspective in the new era,and cast new light on development strategies and concepts in the field, the 7th Shanghai Forum on Lifelong Education is scheduled on October 19-20, 2019 under the auspices of Shanghai Municipal Institute for Lifelong Education (SMILE),East China Normal University.

1. Theme: Learning Together for a Shared Future: towards a New Era of Lifelong Education Development


The Forum covers(but not confined to) the following topics:

·Practicesand theories of inter-generational learning

·Supporting systems for learning of target groups (e.g.the illiterate/functionally illiterate, migrant population, the elderly, the disabled and the low-income people)

·Various forms of learning groups

·Learning opportunities and challenges in the age of informationtechnology(IT) and artificial intelligence(AI)

·Coordinated structuresinvolving all stake holders in learning city building

·Strategies for learning resource sharing throughout the Yangtze River Delta Region

·International experiences and trends in the lifelong education development

Participants can refer to the above topics for their presentations, or they can contribute research or insights on topics of own interests related to the theme of the Forum.  

2. Dates

The Forum will last from October 19 to 20, 2019. On October 19, the plenary meeting will be held to address the latest research outcomes by domestic and international experts and scholars. Seminars focusing on specific topics will take place the following morning.

3. Venue

The forum will be convened at North ZhongShan Road Campus, East China Normal University, located at No. 3663, North ZhongShan Road, Shanghai.

4. Calling for papers

We are inviting papers from experts, academics and graduate students from organizations, institutions and universities home and abroad working on lifelong education research and practice. All submissions will be peer-reviewed and authors of accepted papers will receive an invitation letter from the Forum Committee. For those who send applications without papers, the Forum Committee will confirm individually. Please kindly note that attendance will not be allowed without invitation letters. Please submit thepapers by September 20, 2019 to

5. Requirements

No conference registration fee will be charged, however participants should take care of their own travel logistics such as transportation, meals and accommodation. 

Participants should also complete their information by scanning the QR CODE no later than September 20, 2019:


(or at the webpage:

6. Contact information

Contact Person: Ms. HUANG Chen

Telephone Number: 86-21-62232322